Fall & Spring Cleanups

Cleaning up your property for in the Fall and Spring is a big job. Our team can handle it for you. We are landscaping and lawn care service professionals for both residential and commercial properties. We can take care of your seasonal cleanups so that you can enjoy a beautiful, season-ready property without the hassle.


Bush Trimming

One common shrub pruning error is to concentrate solely on the shrub’s exterior surface. Depriving the inner structure of sufficient light for photosynthesis can lead to “hollow shrub” syndrome and a much shorter lifespan. Natural shrub pruning promotes healthy growth, dense foliage and provides an attractive, three-dimensional view.  


Distributing new seeds allows for new grass growth, and will make your grass stand out of the crowd come spring and summer.


Lawn Cutting

The first thing you see when you pull up to your home is the lawn. What it looks like makes a huge difference to the way you feel about coming home. Our lawn care professionals will come out and mow your lawn. Our services include line trimming and edging around your patios, walkways, and driveways, giving your home a neat and tidy appearance. We won't leave any debris on your property, either.


The material of choice is laid over the top layer of soil around the plants in a bed or garden. There are many benefits to mulching, which is why this process should be part of your lawn care plan. Mulch prevents weeds from growing and minimizes soil compaction during the rainy season.

It also promotes nutrition on the soil and helps monitor and maintain the even temperature of the soil. Mulch also helps conserve water as it retains moisture from watering and gets more to the roots of the plants. Finally, it can help keep an attractive and uniform appearance on your property.



Shrub & Flower Planting

One of the most effective ways to drastically increase the aesthetic value of your lawn is with beautiful and vibrant landscape installations of flowers and shrubbery. Even though planting is a simple task, our professional crew can get it done quickly and efficiently. We will leave your landscape looking brand new and colorful when you use us to plant your flowers and shrubs.


Thatch can harm lawns. It’s difficult for water to penetrate a thick thatch layer, causing water to run off instead of soaking in. It can harbor insects and lawn diseases.  It can block air, nutrients, and pesticides from reaching the roots.  Thatching is beneficial for the lawn as it removes dead grass and promotes healthy, thicker grass growth.